Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

Growing marijuana hydroponics setting simply means that you are actually growing your plants in a sterile, and inert growing medium, rather than in soil. All of the marijuana plants’ nutritional requirements are generally supplied when you start combining water with your nutrient solution. When looking at the setup, you can see 80% to 95% water, while the remaining parts are composed of a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.

The plants absorb these elements from the water and air so that the nutrients are generally small compared to the overall weight of the plant. It is the entire atmosphere of the plant that has to be controlled when dealing with a hydroponics setup.

Growing Marijuana Hydroponics Marijuana Set-Ups

First, it is very important to understand that there are different systems that can be used under the hydroponic setting. There are the Ebb and Flow, Sea of Green, as well as the Screen of Green systems. Here are some of the descriptions of these mentioned systems:

  • Ebb and Flow

This system is no doubt, one of the most popular methods used in a hydroponic setting for growing marijuana. It is very easy and quite simple to use. Generally speaking, a reservoir that contains a nutrient solution is placed underneath a growing tray. This stray contains the plants together with the growing medium.

  • Sea of Green and Screen of Green

These types of growing systems are now currently used more by different commercial operations where yields and speed are very important. At the same time, they can also be employed in smaller home projects. The equipment and tools are often different and it is very important to use strains that can particularly respond well to this type of growing after a very short vegetative growing period.

In line with growing marijuana in a hydroponics setting, you actually have the option to purchase a readymade growing room, instead of purchasing the necessary items one by one from the hardware store. Of course, the kits may turn out a little expensive however you are assured that all the parts are included. You may even save some time by getting a kit, and getting everything all at once. Other factors such as lighting and the right application of nutrients should also be among the most important factors that you need to consider as a marijuana grower. In the end, you can absolutely expect a good yield.


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