marijuana growing guide

For many marijuana users, the amount they spend for the plant may eventually become a burden or even worse, become a barrier in between them as well as their medication. The expenses incurred in growing marijuana, however, is very low. As a result, many marijuana users turn to grow the marijuana plants that they need at the privacy of their own homes. Here is some marijuana growing guide for you.

If you are thinking of doing so, there are certain things that you need to understand and learn in order to be guided accordingly. You can choose from different methods in growing marijuana, and you simply need to select the best one that can fit your preferences. The following are some factors that you need to consider before starting on your marijuana growing project.

Choose the Seeds

Each plant starts with a seed. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the best seeds available in order to grow your plant well. If you are using marijuana for its medicinal value, make sure that you choose the strain that perfectly answers your need. In order to have a valid reason to grow marijuana in the privacy of your home, get a prescription from your doctor. This will also protect you, knowing that activities related to marijuana might be regulated in your area, as it is in many countries and states.

It is also important to identify what type of seeds you will be growing. You can either choose regular, auto-flowering and feminized seeds. However, since you are a beginner, you may choose feminized seeds so that you will not have to go through the burden of eliminating the male plants when they grow. With feminized seeds, you can be assured that all the plants are female, which are what you really need.

Choosing the Growing Medium

For beginners, Rockwool propagation cubes are no doubt the easiest to use in nurturing your plants especially during the earlier stages of growth. You may choose from different sizes, but the concept dictates that you may start with the smallest size, and then add spaces to have a bigger cube as soon as the seedling has reached about 10-14 days into growing out of the initial cube. Before using, it may also be helpful to soak your cubes in water for about 24 hours to make sure that they are moist, and so that ammonia will be removed from the water. Hopefully, this marijuana growing guide can help you.


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