good yields in your marihuana plants

It is a good thing to know that achieving good yields in your marijuana garden is a possible thing to do. Certain methods may focus on the feeding programs, while others on the type of growing system, or the lighting technique that you can use. Still one of the most widely used methods in improving yields is by using easy plant science and knowledge on biology, allowing for more natural good yields in your marijuana plants.

The Physiology of Marijuana

Understanding the overall physiology of marijuana plants may be quite important not just of the quality of the output, but also for the quantity and overall yield. This simply means that you no longer have to sacrifice one on top of the other, which may turn into an issue when selecting a method of increasing yields through technology and chemicals.

What usually follows is a common breakdown of a two-way method in enhancing yield that ultimately focuses on two easy techniques, trellising and pruning. When done together, they have the capability of providing a powerful tool for having a good yield for everyone from commercial cultivators and home growers.


Pruning is a good combination of art and science. The art can be easily quite easily. Pruning can enhance creativity through your gardening experience, thus changing the overall looks of your garden, buds, and plants for the better. However, the focus that you might want to lean on is the actual science of pruning. Remember that cutting is quite an irreversible operation. It is always better to begin by cutting little instead of cutting too much, most especially if you are a beginner in this field. Starting this way can prove to be a good start in your marijuana growing project.


When talking about trellising, you may have to expect some technical execution on certain items. A trellis system refers to the structure or frame of crossing strips that are generally used in supporting growing plants. Most indoor growers may be quite familiar with the Screen of Green term, which is a variation of the Sea of Green growing technique. At times, a trellis can cut through and over a plant in many different directions. In certain times, however, some cross-sections are used, and at the same time branches are being pulled back and are tied off. Through this growing method, you can have good yields in your marijuana plants.


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