purchasing marijuana seeds online

Purchasing marijuana seeds online has plenty of considerations. For a responsible marijuana buyer, you might first think of the quality of the seeds offered by the online store, followed by the services of shipping that the marijuana online store provides. The next consideration that comes to mind after these two is the method of payment, or how the shipment and marijuana seeds will be paid. It is true that a lot of the online marijuana store allows different payment methods, but only a few of those stores can provide you the anonymity and privacy you needed when paying. In paying for your pot purchases and shipping, it is always best to remain unknown, since this will keep you protected due to the fact that marijuana strains are not an everyday plant and can not be planted by everyone and everywhere. The most famous method of payment done by buyers is through Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

The developer of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, described Bitcoin as a software that can assess a payment system with transactions and payments being recorded in a public ledger. The payments made using the bitcoin is direct, meaning, the payment is online without any mediator since the contact is directly between the payer and payee. At first, bitcoins are created to become a  reward payment system but as Bitcoin progress, it becomes an online currency. Bitcoin, as used in online seed bank marijuana transactions, is a peer-to-peer digital currency that can be accessed by anyone who has the internet.

How does the Bitcoin work when using it for purchasing marijuana seeds online?

Bitcoin payment method works peer-to-peer, meaning there will be no middleman who will transact in between you and the marijuana online seed bank. The bitcoin payment goes directly to the online seed bank through the Bitcoin website and accounts you used. The website allows anonymity making a marijuana seed buyer secured.

How can I get a Bitcoin and account?

To get an account, you need to go to the Bitcoin’s website and sign-up for an account then verify your e-mail. Just a friendly reminder, it would always be best to use an e-mail address that is not used for work or business. It is better to create a dummy e-mail address for safety.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

The Bitcoin wallet serves as an online account used for receiving, sending, and transacting with Bitcoins.


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