watering marijuana plants

Being a grower in the marijuana growing industry, it can sometimes be annoying having to ask the easiest questions, such as how often should you watering your marijuana plants. However, this is a very legitimate question. After all, dried out marijuana plants are often a bad thing. If the plant dries out, the plant also wilts. On the other hand, when the plants are securely planted in soil, as well as another planting mix, the plants need to be watered especially when the medium starts losing moisture.

Here are some things that you need to know about watering your marijuana plants:

The amount of water they need as well as the frequency of watering them highly depends on factors such as the size of the plant, container size, root level, canopy, humidity, room temperature, as well as the growth stage.

  • Take note that larger plants eventually need more water
  • Larger containers also need to be watered less vigorously
  • Planting your plants in a hotter temperature call for the need to have more water
  • During the latter stages of flowering, your plants may need less water

During the hotter summer weather, the soil that can be used for your outdoor plants may dry out faster, and thus, they need to be carefully observed and watered as necessary. Water holding crystals, as well as compost, can help your soil hold water for quite an extended period of time.

If your soil is completely covered with mulch, the water will evaporate at a slower rate. Compost, wood chips, newspapers, dried leaves, and even rugs will definitely be effective

Watch out for drowning roots. You will often see no plant discoloration, but the leaves will droop, and do not wilt. Overwatered plants often develop an anaerobic condition, which means that oxygen is absent. Since the roots cannot utilize carbon dioxide, they need oxygen in order to grow. Without oxygen, the roots cannot function well, and may eventually lose all their growth potentials. Therefore, it is very important to be careful not to overwater your plants, drowning them.

Ultimately, watering your marijuana plant is very important. If you ultimately wait for your plant to dry out completely before watering, you are only depriving your plant of valuable water that it can significantly use during the entire growth process, even if it looks healthy.


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