Have you ever wondered why marijuana consumption is illegal in your area? Have you ever tried asking yourself if you know the different cannabis laws and regulations in your area? Well, let me be the first to tell you that it is absolutely crucial to familiarize yourself with the policies regarding cannabis in your area. Understanding all these rules can help you stay out of trouble when doing something that is cannabis-related. However, not all places impose strict rules and regulations when it comes to the use and consumption of cannabis. In fact, there are quite a few places that have accepted and legalized the wide use of marijuana.

Cannabis use has been seen as a “negative substance” by many communities. But despite this, there have been a handful of places where cannabis is perfectly legal. These are places that have embraced and acknowledged the many advantages and health benefits of cannabis. As such, they are the perfect tourist destinations that marijuana fans and enthusiasts can visit without having to worry about any legal issues. In this article, we are going to discuss the different places which have legalized the use of marijuana. We are going to give you guys a little insight on what to expect from these places. Let’s get started:




Since Canada’s passing of the Cannabis Act last 2018, it has been a haven for stoners all around the world. With weed being legal all throughout the whole country, it is definitely a place worth visiting if you are looking to get high. Additionally, it is so accepted that governments even issue legal permits and certificates that authorize people to grow their own cannabis plants in their households. While it is still practically illegal to some anywhere in public, Canada offers dozens of cannabis shops and smoking areas where the use of marijuana and tobacco are allowed. 


Much like Canada, the Netherlands is also famous for being one of the most prominent sources of weed out there. In fact, Amsterdam is highly regarded for its legalization of weed for many years now. They have hundreds of shops and cafes that allow the personal use of cannabis. Additionally, these shops also sell marijuana products and tools that help with the cannabis experience. The Netherlands is definitely a must for people looking to get high on their vacation.




As the first country to ever legalize cannabis across its whole nation, Uruguay has always been a mandatory spot for marijuana enthusiasts around the world. Cannabis in this country is properly regulated by the government. In order to engage in any cannabis-related activity, one must first secure a government-issued permit. Once this is done, you are free to cultivate, use, and distribute marijuana for personal and commercial purposes. Though it is technically illegal for non-citizens to purchase marijuana, you can always sign up for a tour or ask for help from some locals.


Do we really need to say anything about this place regarding weed? We all know Jamaica is famous for its widespread consumption and publicity of marijuana. In fact, it is hard not to associate Jamaica with cannabis. In line with the Rastafarian culture in Jamaica, it is actually looked up to when you consume cannabis as it is considered essential in their practice. Of course, it is still a regulated practice in this country but you wouldn’t have to worry about smoking as much weed as you want. 




As one of the countries that allow the recreational and medical use of weed, cannabis law, and regulations in this country are quite loose. There aren’t any specific fines or punishments when it comes to using marijuana. However, it is best to avoid smoking cannabis in public places. Also, there are hundreds of smoking clubs and designated areas where you can light a joint up and chill with some friends. In addition to the sunny weather and amazing beaches, marijuana is definitely one of the top reasons for tourist increase.

There are many other places that are great for visiting due to their marijuana legalization. As the spread of cannabis continues to grow each day, we should always learn to be responsible when taking the substance. Always know which sources are legal and familiarize yourself with the rules of the country that you plan to visit.