Marihuana is often considered as the most abused illicit drug in the world. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise when dealers, suppliers, and even users have started growing them indoors where they are assured that all their operations are safe from the eyes of authorities. In most part of the United States, the police are reporting an increase in the number of indoor marihuana growers. In order to confirm all these claims, even news stations feature clips and stories about houses, apartments, and even estates that are being used to grow marihuana.

Why Move Indoors?

Many researchers have claimed that one of the most common reasons why marihuana growers start moving indoors is the pressure that these law enforcements have on outdoor growing and operations of marihuana. The recent years have witnessed an unprecedented effort on anti-marihuana operations from the different police departments all over the country. These departments have combined all their resources in order to stage a high quality campaign against individuals who utilize public lands in order to grow marihuana. Due to the existence of frequent raids and busts during the last few years, many have decided to focus only on indoor marihuana growing.

These indoor operations give the dealers the opportunity to have great control over their growing area, thus enabling them to completely manipulate and adjust the conditions in order to produce the best yields possible. By implementing centrally heated environments indoors, issues related to seasonality are eliminated, thus allowing growers to produce marihuana all year round. Having such control on the growing conditions also allows the sellers to produce and sell their products as potent as possible. These factors result to higher profits for the different marihuana growers

Marihuana Potency

The increase in marihuana potency is quite a troubling aspect in terms of indoor marihuana growing operations. According to different studies conducted by the experts, the average concentration of THC has steadily grown over the last three decades and will still continue to do so even for the years to come. This rise in the potency levels of marihuana strains have also led to quite an alarming increase in drug dependency among users.

However, this same potency is the reason why marihuana has made it big in the medical field. With all the potential benefits that medical marihuana introduces, there is no doubt why many growers would take the risk in growing indoors.


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