As the cannabis industry finally goes mainstream, the entire marihuana growing industry has been attracting a lot of people to potentially strike a pot of gold in this industry. There have been several reports on people who worked the best jobs possible, developed extra ordinary discoveries, and many more, but they have decided to shift into the growing marihuana industry and have actually found out that they have come to love the industry.

The Path to a Greener Pasture

The chance to become an entrepreneur in the growing marihuana industry has definitely attracted a lot of people who have seen that the market is ripe and has expanded to allow growers not just to consider the entire thing as a pastime, but actually an endeavor that has allowed for investment growing opportunities.

According to studies and research, more than half of the survey takers admit wanting that marihuana, both growing and using should be legalized, as compared to only 12% who favored such concept back in the 1960’s. This is only a proof that more and more people are now becoming aware of the overwhelming effects of growing marihuana. Aside from its pleasurable effects, its value in the medicinal field is more important than any other type of investment. Turning to this endeavor will simply turn out to be a good catch, a greener pasture they say.

Commercial Medical Marihuana

The sales on commercial medical marihuana are estimated to reach $1.5 billion annually and continue to grow. This statement was made by the Medical Marihuana Business Daily. For the year 2014, it has been projected that marihuana sales will reach up to $3 billion, and go as high as $6 billion by 2016.

Therefore, if you look at the entire marihuana industry, not just the medical side, but its totality, you may also be looking at around $40 billion of sales overall. This only means that you are looking at a dark green pasture when it comes to potential investments and business endeavors. While you may still consider yourself as a beginner in this field, with the right amount of information and knowledge to get you started, you will simply find your way in the industry with no hassle at all. Still, do not forget that this is business, and that you may have to experience trials and errors from time to time. In the end, you will see that all your efforts will be paid accordingly.


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