Marijuana As Topical

There are numerous ways on how a weed user can enjoy the benefits of his marijuana. The most common way of consuming the pot weed is through smoking. This method is the most familiar since this technique is the most accessible among users. The second most popular method is through vaporizers or hookahs. This method is for those marijuana users who want to smoke discretely but in a limited amount since the device comes in small load. Some of the neglected methods of consuming marijuana are through edibles and as topicals. By consuming, it is not only regarded as marijuana taken by mouth, rather, it is regarded as methods on how the marijuana is used or applied. Provided below are some questions and answers concerning topical marijuana.

By being topical, does this mean that I can the marijuana buds directly on my skin?

The common misconception about the topical use of marijuana is that the buds are directly rubbed to the skin. This thinking is wrong because the marijuana used as topicals must be in a form of cream, lotion and ointment, not the buds exactly. Be minded that the dried buds are rough, so if it is rubbed against the skin, it may cause irritation and wound rather than healing. Also, be minded that the oil extract and grinded buds are the one used for topical marijuana.

If the marijuana buds are not good when rubbed against skin, how does a marijuana becomes a topical.

The oil extract from the buds and leaves of the strain are used to have the healing potency of the pot weed. The oil is infused with lotion, cream and ointment so that it can penetrate the skin well. The soluble form of the marijuana buds can reach the skin of the patient better as opposed to pure solid buds. But me minded that the pure effect of topical marijuana will only affect the body since there will be no mind high in using the topical marijuana.

What are the effects of using topical marijuana?

Be minded that the topical marijuana is solely for medical users only and not for recreational users since using this method of consumption will not produce any mind high. The ointment form of a pot strain can heal muscles that are strained and stiff. Topical marijuana can alleviate the sores of the muscles, joints, and even allergies and animal bites.


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