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Niue, Country

Smoking Tolerance Level : 
8/10 ( 1 = Highly Prohibited 10 = Legal )

Average Weed Prices In Niue

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $N/A 0
Medium Quality $N/A 0
Low Quality $N/A 0
*Averages are corrected for outliers based on standard deviation from the mean.

Laws and legal news about marijuana in Niue

In Niue, the Drugs Act of 1998 says that the drugs act of 1975 from New Zealand is extended to Niue. However, there are many problems with this. There is an instance when a person who needed to use a controlled drug as medication was arrested. If you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes, you need to ask the embassy about Niue legislation first.

When you are caught with a controlled drug you are likely to be fined as well as imprisoned. You need to call the embassy as soon as possible so as to know your rights. It is a bit difficult to bribe the police here especially if you are caught in the airport.

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Niue

There are no sure locations from where you can buy marijuana. Some say that the nightclubs in Niue will always have willing persons who can sell you marijuana but this is not a sure statement.

Prices and more information about cannabis in Niue

There is no accurate information about the price of weed here in Niue. Some say that the prices are stiff and you can get 1 gram for $20 while there are other sources that say that 1 gram costs $30.

The brands in Niue are mostly from the imported ones from Nigeria and other locations. There are some instances where there are some from New Zealand too. You can ask around the kids in the area and you might find some home grown stuff. Don’t try looking for hash here because they are very rare and might cost a lot.

Before going to Niue, you have to ask your embassy about their drug laws especially if you are taking marijuana for medical reasons. Even if it is legal for you to take marijuana, the Niue law strictly prohibits the use of controlled drugs. It is better to keep your marijuana in your room and smoke it there.

Latest Submissions in Niue

Place Price Size Quality Date

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Place Price Size Quality Date
Sweden, Stockholm $100.00 10 grams high quality December 08, 2019
Honduras, Tegucigalpa $30.00 an ounce high quality December 07, 2019
Brunei, Country $100.00 15 grams high quality December 07, 2019
Germany, Berlin $50.00 5 grams medium quality December 07, 2019
United Kingdom, Manchester $50.00 5 grams high quality December 07, 2019
El Salvador, Country $40.00 an eighth high quality December 06, 2019
El Salvador, Country $40.00 an eighth high quality December 06, 2019
France, Paris $20.00 an ounce low quality December 06, 2019
Latvia, Country $15.00 an ounce medium quality December 06, 2019
Bangladesh, Country $20.00 an ounce high quality December 06, 2019