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Jamaica, Country

Smoking Tolerance Level : 
6/10 ( 1 = Highly Prohibited 10 = Legal )

Average Weed Prices In Jamaica

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $ 140.22 225
Medium Quality $ 127.83 68
Low Quality $ 143.07 18
*Averages are corrected for outliers based on standard deviation from the mean.

Laws and legal news about marijuana in Jamaica

Cannabis is still illegal although in some cities in Jamaica, some cops are strict while others are quite tolerant and can be bribed. And because it is not legal in Jamaica, activities like importation, exportation, selling, receiving and buying weed are strictly prohibited and anyone caught will be penalized by imprisonment and/or a hard labor.

Marijuana is illegal but law enforcement in most of the cities in Jamaica is not as tough as other countries. As long as you do not smoke very open and you do your other marijuana-related activities in discreet, no police will ever bother you. In some cities, smoking pot is acceptable.

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Jamaica

Looking for places where you can buy marijuana is not really a big problem in Jamaica. You can buy from resorts, beaches and along the streets. Once you have reached the Jamaican airport, you will immediately be offered especially along the pavements outside the airport. You can also ask help from taxi drivers. Some of them are selling actual weed while others are willing to help you go to a dealer.

Prices and more information about cannabis in Jamaica

Go to Kingston if you want some cheap buds. For 10 US dollars, you can already go home with lots of buds. Half pound of weed will usually cost 80 US dollars in Mandeville. For one ounce at the airport, you have to pay as much as 100 US dollars but do not settle on that price, make some bargains!

Buying weed from one of the rasta-looking guys is one of the best options to get some quality and not crappy stuffs. You can have almost all sorts of cannabis here in Jamaica. Quality usually varies with the dealer and from what city you are going to buy it. There are buds, colas and some hash.

Feel free to haggle with marijuana prices in Jamaica. If you are offered an ounce of weed for 100 US dollars, use your bargaining skills so the dealer will lower the price. Cannabis can be found almost everywhere in Jamaica. If you are a smoker, you don’t have to look for weed because the dealers will be the one to look for you.

Latest Submissions in Jamaica

Place Price Size Quality Date
Jamaica, Montego Bay $40.00 5 grams medium quality March 21, 2020
Jamaica, Negril $20.00 an eighth high quality January 29, 2020
Jamaica, Montego Bay $130.00 an ounce medium quality September 23, 2018
Jamaica, Negril $140.00 an ounce low quality May 06, 2018
Jamaica, Kingston $60.00 an ounce high quality March 12, 2018

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Place Price Size Quality Date
Colombia, Bogota $200.00 30 grams medium quality April 08, 2020
India, Country $20.00 10 grams high quality April 08, 2020
Pakistan, Country $173.00 an ounce high quality April 07, 2020
Pakistan, Country $150.00 5 grams low quality April 07, 2020
Bangladesh, Dhaka $35.00 30 grams medium quality April 07, 2020
Bangladesh, Dhaka $35.00 30 grams medium quality April 07, 2020
Philippines, Country $10.00 5 grams low quality April 07, 2020
Germany, Berlin $40.00 an eighth low quality April 07, 2020
Thailand, Country $100.00 an ounce high quality April 07, 2020
South Korea, Country $100.00 an ounce high quality April 07, 2020

List of cities of the Jamaica

  • Kingston
  • Mandeville
  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Ocho - Rios