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Gambia, Country

Smoking Tolerance Level : 
6/10 ( 1 = Highly Prohibited 10 = Legal )

Average Weed Prices In Gambia

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $ 84.81 10
Medium Quality $ 50.00 1
Low Quality $ 0.00 1
*Averages are corrected for outliers based on standard deviation from the mean.

Laws and legal news about marijuana in Gambia

Possession of cannabis is illegal in Gambia. In the country and also in other parts of Africa, marijuana grows naturally. It has been used as recreational medicine in Gambia for how many centuries but now, pot has been one of the commonly abused substances in country. Carrying, smoking, growing and selling are illegal and a person caught doing any of these activities will be penalized.

Never smoke weed in public because cops may just be around and seize you. The law against marijuana abuse is strongly enforced in Gambia. When caught, the police may take you to the station. Depending on the violation committed, a person caught will be imprisoned (with or without labor) for not more than 7 years and/or fine.

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Gambia

Weed is easy to buy in the beach but do not carry it with you when travelling back to the city because police may do a search at road blocks. You may be able to find some good quality marijuana for toking in the streets of some cities in Gambia but very seldom because the police might just be around and are scaring the dealers away.

Prices and more information about cannabis in Gambia

Prices of sticks in Gambia are pretty much cheaper. For 2 to 4 joints, you can have it for $1 or even lesser than that. For $3, you can already get a small pack of weed. Check on the quality because with those cheap prices, you may get dry stuff that will only make you hungry after toking.

Tai or Colo is the local name of marijuana in Gambia. The best weed you can get in Gambia is Skunk. The most you can get are the heavy resinous type with nice smell and taste. You can buy mid-grade and some are of low quality (very dry). Hashish is rare to no find.

In a year, a grower can actually have three marijuana harvests. The cost for growing is low. Because of its low cost and availability, the use of cannabis and also selling are already widespread. In Gambia, the penalties imposed for pot abuse is harsh so don’t get caught by the police.

Latest Submissions in Gambia

Place Price Size Quality Date
Gambia, Naples $0.00 an ounce high quality April 18, 2018
Gambia, Country $2.00 an ounce high quality March 16, 2018
Gambia, Country $80.00 5 grams high quality February 09, 2018
Gambia, Country $2.00 an ounce high quality December 07, 2017
Gambia, Country $100.00 30 grams high quality November 17, 2016

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Brazil, Rio de Janeiro $6.00 20 grams low quality January 23, 2020
Nigeria, Country $15.00 20 grams high quality January 23, 2020
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