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Belgium, Country

Smoking Tolerance Level : 
8/10 ( 1 = Highly Prohibited 10 = Legal )

Average Weed Prices In Belgium

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $ 202.31 601
Medium Quality $ 207.21 207
Low Quality $ 404.85 12
*Averages are corrected for outliers based on standard deviation from the mean.

Laws and legal news about marijuana in Belgium

Possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults and those above 18 years old is allowed in Belgium. However, carrying more than the specified amount is not tolerated and the possessor may be considered as a seller of cannabis. Selling and smoking marijuana in public are still not yet legal in Belgium. The Belgian government is overseeing a limited depenalization of the right to marijuana.

The country does not allow open selling of marijuana. The importation of cannabis in small quantities is allowed but exportation is strictly prohibited. Police will tolerate carrying small amount of weed (for personal use) but not marijuana public smoking especially nearby minors (below 18 years old).

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Belgium

Buying marijuana in Belgium is quite easy. Weed is available in almost all its major cities including Bruxelles (Brussel), Antwerpen and Louvain (Leuven). In the old market of Louvain, you can buy sticks/buds from bars. You can also go to one of the main squares in the Antwerpen city or near the Louise metro stop in Brussel.

Prices and more information about cannabis in Belgium

The price of marijuana per gram ranges from $2.5 to $9 or may be even, higher depending on the quality of the weed you are buying and the dealer where you will buy it. For a low quality weed, you can buy it for $2.5 but high quality ones will make you pay for a higher cost of course! Marijuana prices may also differ with cities.

Buds of different marijuana strains are available in the cities of Belgium. Some are grown indoors while others are from outdoor cannabis growers. Buds are the common form being trade in the country. You can have a taste not only buds that are locally produced but also imported sticks from Holland.

Possession of marijuana (small amounts for personal use) in Belgium is tolerated but selling it still remains illegal in the country. It is easy to find weed here. You can even ask students where you can possibly source some joints. The police may stop you from smoking in public but will not confiscate marijuana or imposed penalties if you are found carrying weed of only up to 3 grams.

Latest Submissions in Belgium

Place Price Size Quality Date
Belgium, Country $60.00 15 grams high quality March 09, 2020
Belgium, Country $180.00 25 grams high quality January 06, 2020
Belgium, Bruxelles [Brussel] $10.00 an ounce medium quality December 26, 2019
Belgium, Country $10.00 5 grams high quality December 24, 2019
Belgium, Country $10.00 5 grams high quality December 16, 2019

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Australia, Melbourne $20.00 5 grams high quality April 04, 2020
Serbia, Country $60.00 10 grams medium quality April 04, 2020
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List of cities of the Belgium

  • Antwerpen
  • Bruxelles [Brussel]
  • Louvain [Leuven]