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Seychelles, Country

Smoking Tolerance Level : 
5/10 ( 1 = Highly Prohibited 10 = Legal )

Average Weed Prices In Seychelles

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $ 138.58 4
Medium Quality $ 547.88 3
Low Quality $ 56.82 1
*Averages are corrected for outliers based on standard deviation from the mean.

Laws and legal news about marijuana in Seychelles

There is little information regarding the drug laws of Seychelles. In fact, we cannot find a news article sourcing from Seychelles about their beliefs on marijuana, tourists who have been here or other clippings that would be helpful so the best tip we have for you is to ask your embassy about their drug laws before going ahead and smoking there.

The navy wing of the coast guard here in Seychelles is in charge of the antidrug missions. We have reports though that mentions the ineffectiveness of the police since it is not usual that more than two of the vessels are operational simultaneously.

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Seychelles

Like with most locations, there might be areas around Seychelles that have niches for marijuana. It might be a bit difficult to look around and ask for cannabis since we have too little information about this place so you would need to play it by ear. You can also ask around some group of kids and they might show you the way.

Prices and more information about cannabis in Seychelles

We have no information about the price of marijuana here in Seychelles just yet. If you have any information, please let us know by sending us an email.

What we are sure about is that under the constitution of Seychelles, the people have “the right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary searches.” This means that the police would need a warrant before they can search your belongings and seize any incriminating evidence against you. Still, be very careful around this location because the police drug squad are known to detain persons even if they have no warrant. There are also some security cameras around so as to prevent crimes. Even political figures have their phones tapped by the government so be careful, always keep your head out of trouble and try your best to hide your stash. Smoke marijuana only in your room and if you have money to bribe the police, just give them you cash because they are severely underpaid and might turn a blind eye.

Latest Submissions in Seychelles

Place Price Size Quality Date
Seychelles, Country $100.00 an ounce high quality March 13, 2016
Seychelles, Country $100.00 20 grams high quality February 27, 2016
Seychelles, Country $70.00 a quarter medium quality January 23, 2016
Seychelles, Country $10.00 5 grams low quality February 23, 2015
Seychelles, Country $40.00 5 grams medium quality December 26, 2014

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Place Price Size Quality Date
France, Nice $150.00 an ounce high quality August 26, 2016
France, Nice $150.00 an ounce high quality August 26, 2016
United Kingdom, Country $0.00 a half ounce low quality August 26, 2016
Ecuador, Guayaquil $30.00 an ounce high quality August 26, 2016
Maldives, Male $40.00 an ounce high quality August 26, 2016
India, Bangalore $8.00 an eighth high quality August 26, 2016
United States, Country $120.00 a half ounce high quality August 26, 2016
United States, Dallas $120.00 a half ounce high quality August 26, 2016
Ecuador, Quito $40.00 an ounce medium quality August 26, 2016
Australia, Country $50.00 an ounce high quality August 26, 2016

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